Conference timetable customization

If one chooses the Indico style for the timetable of a conference then the page is rendered as for the meeting event, in particular it contains the description of the event, link to the registration and participants list. Is it possible to customize the style somehow and keep on the timetable page only the title, dates and timetable itself (in Indico style)?

No, this is currently not possible.

Strange. It seems that at CNRS they somehow managed to do roughly this, e.g.

Guess I should try to reach the Indico administrators there directly.
Thank you anyway.

Oh, maybe I misunderstood your question. To get that particular behavior, all you need to do is set the timetable theme to “Indico style” in the layout settings of the event.

If I just set timetable theme to “Indico style” it gives at the timetable page something like this:

I.e. the overview page (including Description field and all that stuff) and then followed by the timetable itself. At the CNRS (the link above) they somehow managed to get rid of the Description field and have only timetable. And I am curious, how one could achieve this.

The added some custom css to the event:

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Wow, great, thank you! This is quite easy to mimic.
Is it always possible to access custom css for others events, or you used some admin superpowers there?

I don’t have any powers on that instances (in fact, I don’t even have an account there).

When the event is at, just append something.css to the URL to view the event’s custom stylesheet if there is any. It can also be found when viewing the HTML source of the event page.

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