Cloning Conference - File Names Differ

When I clone an entire conference it looks like all of the files (pdf, jpg, ppt, etc in Settings->“Layout -> Images”) are copied over but with different names.

For example, on the original/source site we have an image in the Picture Uploader as On the cloned site, the same image is

Is it possible for those uploaded file names to remain the same when cloning a site? We have links in menu pages that need to be updated and it looks like we may need to correct each link/file since the file names are different after cloning the conference.

Hi, we currently do not have any plans to use event-scoped IDs for these files.
However, if you clone the event references to images in the old event should work fine unless you delete or restrict that event,

Thanks for the quick response! The issue in our case is the original/source event is restricted; the new event will be restricted too with a different password. I was thinking since the event ID is in the URL the files were event specific. Sounds like we may need to find the files and update links.

FYI, you could always create some “dummy” event that is set to public (or less restricted) and upload the files there - then you can link them from anywhere without having to worry about changing URLs.

That makes sense, thank you. Some of the files we won’t want to be public (even if they’re only linked to from a protected site) but that may work for several instances we have.