CLI: a friendly way to configure Indico for automation [production]

Greetings Everyone

Thanks for the amazing Software. I have question regarding the CLI more specifically indico setup wizard I want to be able to still use the wizard and pass argument to it. More systematic way.

This will help a lot in my automation for this tool. I hope you understand me. I am not aware if there is something already that exists that solve my problem.

I am aware that i can use the indico.conf right away but i lose the directories creation and all fancy things indico does.

You could add another indico setup command that takes all the options as commandline args or from a file. You wouldn’t get all the nice validation steps since they are somewhat intertwined with the prompting, but by instantiating the SetupWizard class, setting the attributes manually and then calling _setup() in the end you can do the whole thing without interactive prompts.

If you implement this cleanly feel free to send a pull request! A command like indico setup unattended setup.json that sets everything up (and reads the data from setup.json); or just indico setup unattended (reading the data from environment variables or commandline args) would be nice to have for sure!

Sure. I will submit one once ready.

I also have this problem of automation.

Fortunately, the command indico setup wizard shows at the end what it does: copy a few files and create a couple of symbolic links (besides creating the config file). This is not too fancy. I can do it in a script and not call indico setup wizard at all.

This has the drawback that it may break (needs to be fixed) if the wizard’s behavior changes in a future release.