Call for Papers not appearing for Non Admin Users


I am using Indico 2.03.

I have enabled the call for papers and created tracks but when users log in to the system they cannot see the call on the menu in the conference I have created.

What could be the matter and how can I resolve it?


Do you have any contributions? The CfP link is only visible for normal users if they have at least one contribution where they are an author, speaker or the submitter of the abstract from which the contribution was created.

If you do not have any contributions yet because your goal is to get talks etc. for your conference, you probably want to use the Call for Abstracts instead. That lets anyone submit an abstract which can then be reviewed/judged and, if accepted, eventually become a contribution (that can be scheduled for a specific timeslot in the conference).

Thanks so much for the speedy response.

It works when I create a contribution for a user when logged in as an admin.

  1. if a user logs in there is no option for them to create a contribution by themselves.
  2. I cannot see, in the admin account, where to enable the contribution menu item for the users.

Your continued assistance is much appreciated.


Correct, users cannot create contributions. They submit abstracts (during the Call for Abstracts) which are then accepted by an organizer of the event. This will create the contribution, where the user can then upload materials and - if the Call for Papers is enabled - a paper.

Are you sure you want to use the Call for Papers module and not the Call for Abstracts?

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Thanks so much once again for the speedy response.

Just to get this right in terms of the process;

  1. Create the call for abstracts and have authors / speakers submit abstracts.
  2. The accepted abstracts constitute contributions which in turn allows them to submit full papers for review.

I am trying the process out and will let you know how it goes.


I have suceeded!

Thanks for the help