Call for Paper Upload not available

Hello Indico Community, I have one or two problems.

  1. Despite active call for paper the upload link is not visible. All that is visible is: “You have not submitted any paper” How can I get registered users to upload a presentation?

  2. The link Call for Paper is not visible to unregistered users. How can I get it, that the link for unregistered users in the menu is visible and then forwarded to the registration page

thx for Help


I think you want the “Call for Abstracts” instead. The CfP requires the user to already have a contribution.

But both features require an Indico account, so your users will still need to register one in order to submit an abstract.

The registration is normal… i have this also when i submit a CfP for some Meetings… but can u pls check following Link:

i´ve published the things what i need for this event… but under Contribution list and also under Cfp Link… i don´t have a submit Button… What i´m doing wrong?

Did you start the call for papers? And it’s only visible under a contribution of which you are the author (on the contribution details page, not in the contribution list)…