Call for paper from the conference organiser point of view


I have organised a conference and I am at the Call for paper step. There are 2 points I would to be able to do and I have not found an easy way to do it.

  1. I would like to be able to submit some paper on behalf of some authors. The only solution I have found is to change the related contribution to add me as a contributor (submitter) to the given contribution. I can now upload the paper (but my name will appear and not the main author). I need them to remove myself from the contributor list. Is there a more straightforward way?

  2. I would like to be able to submit paper post-deadline (on behalf of others). I have to applied the above procedure and also re-schedule the call for paper.

I feel the page to manage the paper assignments (…/manage/papers/assignment-list/) should have an easy option for the administrator to submit a paper on behalf of anybody and at anytime. But maybe I have missed it somewhere.

Thank you for your help.