`BundleError: 'js/lib/underscore.js' not found in load path:

When I run this command indico run -h dev-events02 -p 8001 -q --enable-evalex I get the error below in the browser when clicking on this * Serving Indico on http://dev-events02:8002

BundleError: 'js/lib/underscore.js' not found in load path: [u'/home/local/GEANT/omar.qouqas/dev/indico/src/indico/htdocs', u'/home/local/GEANT/omar.qouqas/dev/indico/src/indico/htdocs/css', u'/home/local/GEANT/omar.qouqas/dev/indico/src/indico/htdocs/js']

Has anyone had a similar experience? Please let me know what I need to do to overcome this problem.

Thank you

As always I’d strongly recommend you to switch to 2.2 instead of using the outdated 2.1 version - especially since there were MANY changes related to how assets are built.

But in this case I think you just forgot to run fab setup_deps (or there were some errors when doing so)…