Bug: Link generation for customaized field/filter of registration list


the feature for a customized link for a configurated filter/fields of the registration list is not working on Firefox 68.1.0 ESR and the (non chrome) edge.

It is working correct with the current version of chrome. I can also access the correct filter/list on a fiefox browsers which was created by chrome browser.

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Please define “doesn’t work”… are you getting any errors etc?

I just tried in Firefox 70 and it works fine…

sry my failure,

the link that is created / can be copied out of the window in firefox/edge (non chrome), won´t include the changed the user made in the filter / field view. So the link stays the same, even if you change anything in the view.

Does it include the hash identifying the link? It should be something like https://xxx/event/xxx/manage/registration/xxx/registrations/?config=d9318452-c921-44d2-945e-407a1284c9f6

The only case where there’s no config hash should be if everything is set to the defaults…

The hash wont get updated: https://indico.dkfz.de/event/XXX/manage/registration/XXXX/registrations/?config=1441ef13-947e-49cf-9786-bb7c0b6f7099

I will check it again with a clean firefox profile, without any plugins / addons and customizations…

OK that’s weird… can you check the browser’s developer tools if the request to generate the link is actually sent and if a different URL is in the response body?