Best way to add more informations to reminders

Here I have request to include not only the current event information, but also a list of further upcoming events (from the same category in that case) in a reminder.

What would be the best way to achieve this?
One idea I have in mind would be to:

  1. add a signal that is evaluated in event.reminders.util:make_reminder_email
  2. create a plugin that then handles the the querying

To make this customizable per event/reminder, it should probably work via place-holders in the reminder note text.

Is this a reasonable plan and would the signal be accepted upstream?

Sounds like something best done when implementing full customization for reminder emails, like we already do for other emails - i.e. placeholders and editable text instead of just the option to add some extra text to an otherwise-fixed message.

The signal doesn’t sound particularly useful without placeholders/customizable emails - and when these things are available, the existing get_placeholders signal can be used to define new placeholders for this email from a plugin.

Yes, that seems reasonable.

So porting something along events.abstracts.notifications to reminders would be the best way forward?