Best environment/platform to run Indico in?


What’s the best environment/platform (OS, virtualization mechanics, etc.) to run Indico in, according to your personal opinion/experience?


Any recent linux distribution you’re familiar with. Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, etc. really doesn’t matter so pick the one you know best.

For a production deployment pick one of the distributions listed in our setup guide - Debian 9, Ubuntu or CentOS 7. Don’t use Debian 10 though, since we haven’t tested Indico there yet.

Got it. What about virtualization? Do you recommend Docker or similar?

Again up to you :wink: there are reasons for and against it.

But our official setup guides are not using it, so if you follow those guides you have the same setup many people use successfully in production (or for development).

We do have some experimental Dockerfiles and while they work, they are not as thoroughly tested as the non-containerized deployment.

Got it. Will stick with time-tested stuff for now. Thank you, ThiefMaster!!