API Integration for payments

Hi everyone,

I would like to enable participants to pay their fee via an online payment page (credit cards…). To do so I would like to integrate BNP Paribas Fortis ‘SIX Payment Services’. It does not seem that we can intergrate this via a plug-in as the Indico platform does not appear on thte BNP plug-in’s list. If I understand the integration should be done on an API level.

Has anyone tried to intergrate this kind of payment mode before?


so far we have a couple of plugins that handle different methods of payment but none of those support the one that you need. I think that recently there were a couple of discussions about something possibly similar thus there is one thing you could try which is https://github.com/maxfischer2781/indico_sixpay

However, I am not sure whether that might be helpful for you. You need to assess how useful it will be in your case.


Thank you very much for your quick reply! I will try Indico_sixpay.

Best regards,