Add-invite registered participant (without login) as reviewer

In one of my conferences, I would like to add one of the users that (recently) registered to it as reviewer. However, I am not able to do this, it does not appear in the search dialog when assigning roles. It appears however in the participant list.
Is this an intended behaviour? Or is there some delay time in refreshing the databases?

I guess it might be because the participant is registered but does not have an Indico login. Maybe a potential addition would be to have to ‘invite user to register and auto assign reviewer’ where you just put the e-mail address of the person?

Thanks in advance!

Indeed, it sounds like they have no Indico account. Ir you go to the “participant roles” page there should be an option to invite people who don’t have an account yet to create one.

Weird, the list of ‘users with no account’ is empty.
This person does not appear in the Roles list either, because it is just attending, not submitting an abstract. It only appears in the list of registered people. Can I only invite submitters?

(Apart from that, maybe a message with a link could be added in the search dialog if no user is found? Like “Did not find the user and want to invite him?” with a link to the invite form.)

Oh, if they are just “registered” they won’t show up in that list - it’s for people who are “related” to the event, e.g. by being a speaker. You can simply contact them manually (e.g. using the email form for registrants) and ask them to create an account.

Ok, got it, thanks.

Just as a feature suggestion, it would be nice that, if in the search dialog you put an e-mail address and click on Search and nothing is found, it shows kind of a text: “The user is registered but does not have a login (or is not a speaker). Click here ( to invite him by e-mail.”