Abstract reviewers peer-blinding

I would like to ask if there is an option to hide the abstract timeline, so that I do not see the score given by other reviewers to the abstract that I am evaluating. Otherwise, it biases the score I will give to the abstract.
I tend to not scroll down to avoid it, but sometimes I accidentally see it.

It would be nice if there would be a setting like:
“Auto-hide review of peers”

So that it is only shown if I click on the “unhide” dropdown triangle explicitly while I am evaluating an abstract.

Or alternatively, a setting like this:
“Only show score and comments of peers after you have submitted your own review”.

You should be able to achieve something like that by a custom template
override events/templates/reviews/timeline.html (pseudocode):

{% macro render_review(review, proposal) %}
{% if  review.user== session.use or session.user is jugde ... %}
  call original macro...
{% endif %}
{% endmacro %}

Side note: the reviews are not blinded inbetween event managers. But they are already blinded inbetween users with only ‘reviewer’ privileges. So there could be an option to also hide for event managers (or to collapse it so that you have to click specifically to show it).


yes, that is something I also stumbled across. The general privilege model in indico is inheriting, so a judge inherits review automatically.
I think a second entry point for judging only could be a solution.