2.x : How to see room attributes and equipments

Users reported that they could not see the attributes or equipments attached to a room, they can only filter rooms based on them. Is there something that I missed?



Equipment that’s associated with a feature is shown below the room’s image; when you hover the icons you see the equipment providing the feature. I don’t think we show the individual equipment (that’s not assigned to a feature) anywhere else…

Visible custom attributes are shown below on the room details (like the test one there):

Thanks! From your answer and screen shots, I’ve the feeling that there is something wrong in the way we declared the attributes/equipments. I am not sure how you declare an equipment associated with a feature (like a video projector or a computer): our equipments are declared through the Equipment & Features menu in the administration page but they are declared as Equipments rather than Features, is it the mistake? And what makes an attribute visible?

So you can select which features a given equipment type provides when creating/editing the equipment type. Once you assign equipment the actual rooms, the room’s features are derived from that automatically.

“Hidden” must not be selected when editing the attribute. And of course the room must have a value for the attribute or it won’t show up.

Thanks. Misconfiguration understood and fixed. We forgot to define features.